Responsiveness and quality

Why Montajes Misonco Cantábrico?

Give solution to your problems

Misonco has the capacity and the experience to carry out any reparation, revamping, installation, maintenance or manufacturing around the world.
Our staff is the best partner to get finished your projects with high quality standards, on time and into the budget.

What we do

We are able to carry out the highest quality welding both in our workshops and at site.
Our processes are based on the use of approved welding procedures through different manual welding methods (MAG, MIG, TIG, SMAW,….).
We also carry out robotic TIG-Orbital welding if it is necessary.
The materials commonly used are:

Carbon Steel

Stainless steel


Cr Mo Alloys

Nickel alloys


Super Duplex



Our Gas division is specializing in heating systems, fire protection, measurement and gas station, etc.
We are ready to meet the market demand offering quality products, always with the objective of maintaining an optimum level of service with the best value for money offering the most appropriate solution in each case to achieve greater savings and the highest energy efficiency for each facility.